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Representing Pilots and Other Aviation Professionals

Have you received a Letter of Investigation from the FAA?  As a fellow pilot, I understand that sinking feeling that comes when your entire career and livelihood is suddenly threatened.  An FAA enforcement action could result in a suspension or revocation of your airman certificate, and ground you indefinitely.  Even a single Warning Notice in your airman file could sink your hopes of a career at your dream airline.

I understand the importance of flying in your life, since I have always had a passion for aviation myself.  I earned my pilot’s license while I was still in college, and eventually left behind a fairly lucrative career in corporate management to pursue my dream of flying professionally.  After going back to training, I earned my advanced ratings, and spent a couple of years instructing at a flight academy.  Today, I have several years of experience as a pilot (captain) at a national airline, and have served on the contract negotiating committee of its pilots’ union.

As an aviation lawyer, I will do my best to protect your interests and rights, keep you flying, and preserve your livelihood.  My extensive real-world aviation experience helps me to represent you effectively.

Aviation Law Practice Areas:

  • FAA Enforcement Actions:  Airman Certificate Action – Suspension/ Revocation, Fines/ Penalties
  • FAA Administrative Actions: Letter of Correction, Warning Notice
  • Medical Certificate Petitions
  • NTSB Hearings
  • Aircraft Accidents/ Incidents

My Aviation Credentials:

  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot – Airplane Multiengine Land, EMB-145 type rating
  • Flight Instructor – Airplane Single & Multiengine, Instrument-Airplane
  • Ground Instructor – Advanced, Instrument
  • Licensed pilot since 1986
  • Airline pilot since 2004

Organization Memberships

  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) – Panel Attorney, AOPA Legal Services Plan
  • Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA)
  • American Bar Association, Forum on Air & Space Law
  • International Aviation and Transportation Safety Bar Association
  • Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association

I also operate a specialized tax preparation service for airline crew members and corporate pilots.

My Contact Info:

Phone:  281-755-6033

Fax:  888-321-3881

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