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Mediation is a negotiation, but it is a fee-based process, often ordered by the court. The mediator does not decide the case and does not give legal advice. Mediation allows both sides to talk about the dispute and voluntarily reach a mutual agreement in an informal setting.

How much does mediation cost?

The cost depends on how many hours you use the mediator. If a mediator charges $100 per hour then an all-day session could cost as much as $800. Additionally, if your attorney is with you, she will be billing for her time as well.

Who pays for mediation?

The party requesting the mediation generally pays. In court-ordered mediation, the parties may have to split the fee.

How long is mediation?

Mediations generally take a minimum of 2 hours but can take an entire day.

Does my attorney come with me to the mediation?

Yes. Your attorney is there to advise you and help you come to a decision to settle. If there is an agreement, the attorney makes sure it reflects what was discussed and agreed to during the mediation.