Tax Practice

Have You Received a Notice from the IRS?

I represent taxpayers (individuals and small businesses) before the IRS, and provide legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Audits
  • Audit Appeals
  • Innocent Spouse cases
  • Installment Agreements
  • IRS Enforced Collections – Tax Liens, Tax Levies, Wage Garnishments
  • Negotiated Settlements (Offers In Compromise)
  • Pre-Tax Court Litigation Support
  • Tax Return Preparation

To the extent possible, I will provide these services electronically – using e-mail, telephone and/or webcam to communicate with you.  By using technology to keep my costs down, I can provide these services to you at a competitive hourly rate.

My services are available to clients nationwide for matters involving federal taxation, but are limited to Texas residents for state tax matters.

I have been admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court, and can represent you in matters before the Court for an additional fee.

Tax Preparation Services

I have owned and operated a tax preparation service since 2005, preparing federal and state tax returns for individuals and small businesses.  If you would like your tax returns professionally prepared, I can also handle this for you.

Free Consultation – Contact Me Now

Once the IRS issues a letter called a Notice of Deficiency, you have only 90 days to file a petition in tax court.  (If you are out of the United States when the letter is sent, you have 150 days.)  The 90-day period begins on the date in the letter – not on the date you receive it.  In fact, the law does not require that you actually receive the notice at all – only that the IRS mails it to your last known address.  If you do not file your petition by the deadline, the Tax Court cannot hear your case – and you will have to pay the taxes assessed.

To schedule a free consultation, please register on this site to send me a secure message with the specific details of your situation from your private client space, then use the “Schedule a Consultation” page to schedule a conference at a convenient time for you.  If you need help, please use the “Contact Us 24/7” form near the upper right corner of this page, and I will respond as soon as I can.


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