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Uncontested Divorce in Texas

If you are planning to file for a “no fault” or uncontested divorce in Texas, I can save you time and money – hundreds, or even thousands of dollars – by helping you to represent yourself in court.  The process for obtaining an uncontested or no-fault divorce in Texas is relatively simple, quick and straightforward.  For your convenience, I offer affordable fixed fee, online legal services for uncontested and no-fault Texas divorce actions for self-represented litigants.  I will guide you through the process of how to get a divorce, step by step.

All of the documents you need to get your uncontested divorce can be obtained through this online law office, by simply completing a convenient online questionnaire.  You can save your answers at any time and return later.  When you’re ready to move forward, simply pay by credit card and submit the questionnaire online.  (Please be patient…the questionnaire may take a minute or so to open, depending on your connection speed.)   I will then review your answers to the questionnaire, and create your Texas uncontested divorce forms for you, amending them as necessary to ensure that they are correct.

How it Works:

  1. Click on a document link below to start your online questionnaire.
  2. Save your answers, register to become a client of the firm, and purchase your legal service via secured credit card transaction.
  3. I will review your answers, and create your divorce documents for you.  The completed documents will be delivered to you online.

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In order to keep my fees low, you will represent yourself at the divorce hearing.  I will provide you with detailed instructions on how to file your divorce documents, and what you should do at the divorce hearing – as well as provide you with coaching by email and/or by telephone.  If you prefer, I can represent you at your divorce hearing, if you need a divorce lawyer in the Houston area – but I charge an additional fee for this service.

No Fault Divorce Forms in Texas:

You can obtain a divorce using no fault divorce forms in Texas if your divorce case is uncontested.   A divorce is uncontested if either:  1) you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce decree (including division of property and debts), or 2) your spouse does not respond to the divorce petition after being served with process according to Texas law (in such a case, you would expect a default judgment of divorce).

Choose which action applies to you, by clicking the link to start your questionnaire.  If you have a question about which action applies to your individual circumstances, please email or call me for advice and consultation before beginning.

My online Texas Divorce package includes the Original Petition for Divorce, Waiver of Citation, Final Decree of Divorce and Marital Settlement Agreement (Notice of Hearing and Certificate of Service forms are also included, in case they are needed).  Legal advice is included in the price of the package.

Texas Divorce with Marital Settlement Agreement

Texas Marital Settlement Agreement

NOTE:  My fee excludes filing fees, which you will pay the court directly, and any costs for service of process on your spouse (respondent).

Texas Divorce Requirements

Texas law requires that at least one spouse be a resident of Texas for the last 6 months, and of the county where you want to file your case for 90 days, before you are eligible to file for divorce.

The first step in the divorce process is filing the complaint, which in Texas is known as the Original Petition for Divorce.  This petition is filed with the District Clerk, and your case is assigned to a Court.  Each county has one or more courts handling family cases.  In Houston, for example, there are eight Family Law District Courts.   In Dallas, there are seven.  For an uncontested divorce, a hearing is typically scheduled for approximately two months after the divorce petition has been filed (there is a minimum 60-day waiting period before a divorce can be granted).

After processing at the Courthouse, the Original Petition for Divorce must be delivered to your spouse. The most common means of delivery is by having a Sheriff, Constable, or private process server hand your spouse the petition and a Citation.  The other alternative which is often used in no-fault divorces is the waiver of service of process by your spouse.  Waiver of service simplifies the divorce proceeding, and saves money.  Our divorce papers include forms that enable your spouse to waive service of process.

The court cannot grant a divorce without disposing of property issues – these are typically addressed in the Marital Settlement Agreement, and incorporated into the Final Decree of Divorce.  Also, if any children were born to or adopted during the marriage, orders concerning their conservatorship (custody) and support will need to be determined at the same time.

Divorce hearings for uncontested cases are typically scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis on a specified day each week; this varies by county.  At the divorce hearing, at least one of the spouses must appear for a “prove-up” of the case, which typically takes ten minutes or less.  If the Judge determines that the testimony meets the legal requirements, he/she will grant the divorce and sign the Final Decree of Divorce.


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